German Language Program

The German Language Program offers courses for beginning, intermediate and advanced learners. To ensure optimal placement, students who have had prior German instruction are required to take our placement test. In addition, we offer a reading knowledge course to graduate students for academic purposes.

  •  Elementary German I and II
  •  Intermediate German I and II
  •  Intermediate Conversation I and II
  •  A selection of Advanced Level Courses
  • Elementary German Reading I
  • Accelerated German I and II
  • Advanced German I (Berlin Course)
  • Advanced German II (Vienna Course)
  • Accelerated Intermediate German I and II
  • Elementary German Reading II

In Session A lasting from May 20-June 28, we offer Accelerated Elementary Reading I&II, Intensive Elementary German I&II and Intensive Intermediate German I

In Session B lasting from July 1-August 9, we offer Accelerated Elementary Reading I and II, and Intensive Intermediate German II

Registration for Summer German courses is handled by the Columbia School of Professional Studies. For questions regarding registration, please reach out to the following emails:

For questions regarding Germanic Languages Summer Course Programs you may reach out to our Instructor Jutta Schmiers-Heller at [email protected].

Introduction to Columbia University's Department of Germanic Languages - German Language Program

German Program Informational Videos for Undergraduate Students 

German Program Student Experience, Information on the German Language Program

Professors Silja Weber and Jutta Schmiers-Heller discuss student testimonials on their experiences at Columbia's German Program and provide information on the German Language Program.

Annie Pfeifer Fairy Tale Course Information, Columbia German Undergraduate Concentration & Major

Professor Annie Pfeifer discusses her popular "Grimms' Fairy Tales: Power, Gender & Narrative" course and Professor Mark Anderson provides details on the German Undergraduate Concentration and Major.

German Program Activities: Beyond the Classroom and Study Abroad

Professors Silja Weber and Jutta Schmiers-Heller discuss activities outside the classroom provided by the Department of Germanic Languages as well as study abroad opportunities. 

Barnard German Program & Requirements

Barnard Professor Irene Motyl-Mudretzkyj discusses Barnard's German Program and requirements.