Confronting The Nazis. Reflections on the Forms and Dilemmas of Resistance

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Rosenstrasse protest in February 1943 by non­-Jewish women demanding the release of their Jewish husbands rounded up for their dispatch from Berlin, this conference examines different forms of resistance to the "Final Solution" policy in Germany and Nazi-occupied Europe.

The keynote by Marion Kaplan will analyse the predicament of Jews under the Hitler dictatorship and how far the question  of gender  is significant in this larger context. The first panel will then look at problems of the persecution, resistance and rescue of Jewish and other minorities and more recent research on the risks and dilemmas involved during the Nazi occupation of Europe. The second panel will deal with more detailed examples of clandestine rescue operations in Eastern Europe, France, and Germany, highlighting the differences between rule and resistance within Germany and the Nazi occupied territories. The concluding Round Table will return to the larger problems of life under a brutal Fascist dictatorship.


Deutsches Haus, Columbia University, 420 West 116th Street (Between Amsterdam Avenue & Morningside Drive)