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Interdisciplinary Conference: System and Fragment: Epistemic Collisions in the Long 19th Century and in its Current Reinterpretations

November 15, 2018 - November 17, 2018
9:00 AM - 7:30 PM
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Deutsches Haus

Preliminary Program and Speaker List 

Thursday 11-15-2018 

Roundtable Discussion 

8-9:30 p.m. German and US Scholars on Questions of Interdisciplinarity, History, Theory, and Method in Literature, Philosophy, and Science 

Friday 11-16-2018 

09:15 a.m. Welcome: Oliver Simons (Chair German Dept.), Niklas Straetker, Kevin Liggieri 

PANEL 1: The Classic Doublet: Empirico-Transcendental 

9:30 Livia Kleinwächter (Cologne): “Friedrich Schlegel’s Epistemology of the Fragment” 

10:00 Sabina Vaccarino Bremner (Columbia): “On Foucauldian Metacritique: The Anthropological Turn in the History of Philosophy” 

10:30 Response: Laura Martin (Columbia) 

10:40 Public Discussion 

*********************** ********** 

11 - 11:30 Coffee Break 


PANEL 2: The Narrative and Metaphorical Turn? Counting and Recounting 

11:30 Christina Brandt (Bochum): “Metaphors in 19th-Cent. Biology: Ernst Haeckel” 

12:00 Neil Ziolkowski (Columbia): “Ernst Cassirer: Textual Strategies of Orientation” 

12:30 Response: Manuel Gebhardt (Harvard) 

12:40 Public Discussion 

*********************** ********** 

1:00 - 2:30 Lunch Break 


PANEL 3: Vicissitudes of Idealism: System and Aggregate 

2:30 Oliver Müller (Freiburg): “(Post-)Idealisms, Medicine, and Technology” 

3:00 Niklas Straetker (Columbia): “The Art of the Secular Natural Purpose? How (some of) Theory Masterfully Misreads Kant” 

3:30 Response: Bryson Tedford (Columbia) 

3:40 Public Discussion 

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4 - 4:30 Coffee Break 


PANEL 4: Life and Experiment – Education and Breeding 

4:30 Kevin Liggieri (Zurich): “Human Breeding in 19th-Century Lit. and Philosophy” 

5:00 Mike Lipkin (Columbia): Versittlichung: Realism and Ethics in Keller's Green Henry” 

5:30 Response: Sebastian Brass (Harvard) 

5:40 Public Discussion 


7:00 Dinner 

Saturday 11-17-18 

9:15 a.m. Welcome 

PANEL 5: Organism and Fragment 

9:30 Georg Toepfer (Berlin): “Holistic Causality, Reciprocal Determination and System Properties, or How Organisms Were Described as Wholes at the End of the Long Nineteenth Century” 

10:00 Chloe Vaughn (Columbia): “Aggregating Athens and Jerusalem: Heinrich Heine's Ludwig Börne as an Index for his Reception in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries” 

10:30 Response: Diana Rose Newby (Columbia) 

10:40 Public Discussion 


11:00- 11:30 Coffee Break 


PANEL 6: Hermeneutics and Discourse 

11:30 Julia Gruevska (Bochum): “Helmholtz and Dilthey – Against Misunderstanding the Understanding/Explaining Distinction” 

12:00 Evan Parks (Columbia): Gadamer/Derrida 

12:30 Response: Xan Holt (Columbia) 

12:40 Public Discussion 


1:00 Closing Remarks and Lunch at DH 

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